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    AS 7.1.1 unauthenticatedIdentity usage (getting SaslException: Cannot get userid/password)

    Hubert Cumberdale Newbie

      I have a client on the same machine as the server. If I don't set:


      jndiProperties.put("jboss.naming.client.connect.options.org.xnio.Options.SASL_DISALLOWED_MECHANISMS", "JBOSS-LOCAL-USER");


      at the client, then I can access the server without specifying a principal or credentials (or even an unauthenticatedIdentity at the server). But when I set the above option and additionally set:


      jndiProperties.put("jboss.naming.client.connect.options.org.xnio.Options.SASL_POLICY_NOANONYMOUS", "false");


      then i get "javax.security.sasl.SaslException: Cannot get userid/password". It's true that I didn't provide a username or password but shouldn't this be OK if i set:


      <module-option name="unauthenticatedIdentity" value="guest"/>


      in the security-domain login-module in standalone-full.xml? I also tried using:




      on the method I want to call from the client but it didn't help.