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    REST interface cannot return more than 60 data points (2)

    Elias Ross Master

      Assume I don't use the 'raw' REST interface because I need older data. I still follow why the sixty datapoint limitation comes into effect. Which of these modules is limiting the results? This is the call order as I see it:


      src/main/java/org/rhq/enterprise/server/rest/MetricHandlerBean.java (getMetricData)


              List<List<MeasurementDataNumericHighLowComposite>> listList = dataManager.findDataForResource(caller,

                      schedule.getResource().getId(), new int[]{definitionId}, startTime, endTime, dataPoints);




          public List<List<MeasurementDataNumericHighLowComposite>> findDataForResource(Subject subject, int resourceId,

              int[] definitionIds, long beginTime, long endTime, int numDataPoints) {




          public List<List<MeasurementDataNumericHighLowComposite>> getMeasurementDataAggregatesForContext(long beginTime,

              long endTime, EntityContext context, int definitionId, int numDataPoints) throws MeasurementNotFoundException {


      Again, uf I include more than 60 datapoints, I end up with NaN values and only 60 points. But I still don't see how this can happen since there's no logic I can see to munge it up.


      I brought this up in an older forum thread and was told this  be fixed in conjuction with better graphing. But the raw doesn't work for some cases I'm needing.