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    Jboss tools and as7

    soso xuc Newbie

      Hi all


      im using jboss as7, eclipse 3.7.2 and maven


      please tell me how to deploy and debug applications with jboss tools


      i can not manage this


      i work with ejb jars with many many dependencies and dont want to install all of them as modules


      thanks in advance.

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          Denis Golovin Master

          Cannot say exactly what to do with so little info about your project, but usually steps are:

          1. Creating server runtime and server instance based on it

          2. Importing your projects in eclipse (there are many ways to do that and it depends on what kind of projects you have)

          3. Deploying to the server instance using "Add and Remove..." action on serever instance or using DnD from Package Explorer to server instance or even JBoss Archives Component

          4. Install break points and start Server in Debug mode using Start in Debug Mode button

          5. Trigger start fro your application (the way to do that dependes on what kind of application you have)


          Aditional info is here http://docs.jboss.org/tools/latest/en/as/html/quick_start.html

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            soso xuc Newbie

            Thanks for answer


            The problem is dependencies can only be present in ears not in jars


            i have many many dependencies and i want to make eclipse to deploy ears in extracted manner on jboss as7 ears with dependencies from my ejb jars


            ear files are not installed if they are extracted.


            how can i deploy EJB JAR in Jboss as7 with its dependencies ?


            how to do this ?

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              Max Rydahl Andersen Master

              Soso, EJB jars does not have a notion of "dependencies" on its own.


              Needs to be in an EAR or WAR to be deployed with its dependencies.