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    HttpSessions not cleaned out, server grinds to a halt(?)

    Nicklas Karlsson Master



      I'm sitting here with a memdump from a 7.1.1 (Win 64 Java 7) that, from what it appears, has ground to a halt. Well, it consumes so much memory (xmx2g) that the GC chews up the CPU

      Attached are some screenshots from Eclipse MAT. It appears as I have poo-loads of sessions containing the one CDI @SessionScoped "Asetukset" object (from a producer method).

      Looking at a sample session timestamp it shows it was created on June 18 with a lastAccessedTime of 0 and maxInactiveInterval of 900 but the dump is from June 21 and it's still shows as "isValid" true.

      One single session is around 35k but a k here and a k there and soon we're talking G. Even if there would be some references to stuff in the session it wouldn't stop the session from timeout/cleanup, right?


      Thankful for assistance,