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    How to use the Error Event node in process (jBPM5.2)?

    Michael G Novice



      I've searched around for this but didn't find an answer, is it possible to use the Error Event node to trigger a handler?


      From the documentation is says this:


      An Error Event can be used to signal an exceptional condition in the process.  It should have one incoming connection and no outgoing connections.  When an Error Event is reached in the process, it will throw an error with the given name. The process will search for an appropriate error handler that is capable of handling this kind of fault.  If no error handler is found, the process instance will be aborted.  An Error Event contains the following properties:

      Error handlers can be specified using boundary events.  This is however currently only possible when working with XML directly.  We will be adding support for graphically specifying this in the new BPMN2 editor.


      So i would like to know how the handler is implemented and inserted into the process.  On the process properties page there is a Property for Exception Handlers but when i define one here it isn't getting called.

      Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong?



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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          to catch error events you need to declare error boundary event with coresponding  error code. If you use 5.2 then error boundary event can be attached to only sub processes from 5.3 you can attach boundary events on tasks as well. Once error event is caught you can start alternative path in the process. Take a look at the example here



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            Michael G Novice

            Thanks for the reply, I will try to see if i can get this to work with the example.


            Update: I was able to get it to work, i think the issue was how to make the signal event node a boundary event.  I didn't realize that there was metadata that defined that (in this case having the AttachedTo).


            So adding the AttachedTo and ErrorEvent allowed it to work as well as having the event type set to be "Error-_22-MyError"  where _22 is the subprocess id and MyError matches the Exception Handler for the subprocess.