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    Richfaces IE7 Performance

    Ben Savage Newbie

      Hi all,


      I'm a little new to this but have put together a richfaces app to start with.  I've noticed some performance problems though particularly with IE7.


      Firstly, a lot of time seems to go in getting hold of XCSS files, for example: renderkit/html/css/basic_both.xcss. This seems to be retrieved on each request even if it's just  a repeat.  Is there anyway to cache this sort of file?


      Secondly, on IE7 I notice that I've added a few image files to my page.  On repeat views, there are additional http requests being made to retrieve this content in IE7 but not in IE8.  Appreciate this one may have nothing to do with Richfaces but thought it might be worth asking if someone has seen something similar before?