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    rowKeyConverter for the extended data table

    frank furt Newbie

      For using the rich:tree I can create a rowKeyConverter, so that when the page is rendered richfaces asks me to create a String for my custom object. Then - after an user event - it is the other way round, that is richfaces gives me the String and I return my custom object from the converter.

      The nice point about that is: the backing bean variable for the tree-selection always holds my custom object.


      Now, my question is: How does this work with rich:extendedDataTable?


      I can define a rowKeyConverter as well, then richfaces asks me to convert my object into a String, however it never asks me to convert the other way round. The selection for the table always holds just the indices. This should be enough for most cases, but what if somebody opens my webapp in two browser tabs and works with the app, so that the table don't have the same content? How can I identify which object got selected if I just get the index?


      Is there a feature of richfaces, that I don't know?