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    Automatically import from discovery queue?

    Eric Eiswerth Newbie

      I'm curious if it's possible to automatically import resources of a certain type from the JON server's discovery queue?  We have some auto-scaling configured and currently the hostnames/IPs change each time an instance is brought up.  As a result the instances show up in the discovery queue as if they were new resources each time auto-scaling kicks in.  This isn't a huge concern at this point in time.  However, I'm curious if it is possible to automatically import these resources into the inventory from the discovery queue?


      For example, I would like these "dynamic" resources to get automatically imported into the inventory while also inherting my alerts that have been defined on my dynamic groups.  Any thoughts?


      I am also open to accomplishing this through the API if it's not possible via the UI. Any help is much appreciated.