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    How to display hashmap object values in user interface??

    Smitha Dsouza Newbie

      I have following code in my Bean

      Map<BigDecimal, String> hotelFeaturesMap = new HashMap<BigDecimal, String>();




      in my .xhtml am trying to get all the values that is there in hotelFeaturesMap..

      how do i do it??


      i tried below way but it is showing both key and value but i want to show only the values....


      <span><h:outputText value="Hotel Facilities" /></span>


          <rich:dataList value="#{hotelReviewBean.selectedAccommodation.staticAccommodationVO.hotelFeaturesMap}" var="features"  rows="5" type="disc" title="Hotel Features">

                     <h:outputText value="#{features}"

                              width="84px" height="82px" />



      Can any body guide me... what way i can get oly the values...

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          Brendan Healey Master

          I think that the richfaces data iteration components take the same types for the value attribute as h:datatable, which



          • A java object
          • An array
          • A List
          • A java.sql.ResultSet
          • A javax.faces.model.DataModel


          In reality people almost always use lists and datamodels (for lazy loading). The easiest thing to do is to

          convert your map values into a list like this:


          List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>(hotelFeaturesMap.values());


          An alternative solution is to write your own EL function, but the above is the easiest thing for you.




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