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    how to get the hibernate-tools 3.5.0.Beta src ?

    gauthier Peel Newbie

      I am using hibernate-tools on eclipse Indigo SR2 with Jboss Tools 3.3 final.

      and i use a MyReverseStrategy.java to customize in detail the reverse process.


      In the Jboss Tools plugin i found 2 jars for hibernate-tools :

      FIRST jar found :

      is from :


      SECOND jar found :


      is from


      Which one is actually used by eclipse for the revenge process ?



      When i look up in maven repositories i can only get hibernate-tools 3.2.4 GA  which is quite old !


      Nowhere could i find the 3.5.0.BETA.


      On GitHub https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-tools/  they are still in 3.5.0 ALPHA


      So where is the GOOD repository ?


      I make my MyReverseStrategy.java extends DelegatingReverseEngineeringStrategy.java

      so i would like to get the source and see what going on by default.