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    Jboss AS 7 - SubSystem use as service for Application

    Jayvijay Raj Newbie



      I would like to build a custom subsystem name "XYZService" which starts as normal subsystem at startup. Later i would like to deploy the module or war/ear file to use these XYZService to do stuff.


      I have tried makeing a custom subsystem, i have added it to the extenstions. But the XYZService APIs are not visible to another module or the deployed war/ear file.


      Could you please help me to find out how to make the XYZService API to the deployed application, i have tried adding the XYZService module as global module, but the instances were coming out as null.


      May be this is a weired POC but idea is to start the SubSystem as Service and share them among the modules / deployed applications when required.


      Thanks a lot, please help me find a proper way to achieve this.