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    JBoss Developer Studio or Eclipse JUNO - SEAM 3 projects??

    Jonathan Fuentes Newbie

      Hi to all, this is my first post. Currently i work with Eclipse Indigo, Jboss 4.2.3 and Seam 2.2, but i want to migrate to Seam 3 because i want to use newer versions of JSF and RichFaces, and also use Jboss 7, but the documentation about Seam 3 in a IDE like Eclipse doesn't exist, about how to create and configure a Seam 3 project. So, when i saw that JBoss Developer Studio 5 was released, i tought that it will have default support to create new Seam 3 projects, but only has to create projects with Seam 2.3, so i wanna ask you if you have a tutorial or some resource to work with a Seam 3 project in Jboss Developer Studio or in Eclipse Juno? Because i really want to work in the new version but i don't have so much knowledgment about how to create that kind of project in a IDE.


      Thanks in advance.