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    CacheLoader at cache startup

    Fernando Wasylyszyn Newbie

      Hello. I am trying to understand and determine how the load of entries at a single cache node startup (regardless of the cluster mode is configured) works.

      What I have found is the following:


      -If the configuration option "preload" is set to false, then no entry will be loaded at startup time, and them will be loaded lazily "on-demand".

      -If the configuration option "preload" is set to true, then the eviction configuration is taken into account. If eviction is disable, then all entries from the underlying store are loaded. If eviction is enable, then "maxEntries" (from eviction configuration) entries are loaded, without guarantee any particular order.


      But, most important (for me) is that, as far as I understand, the cluster mode (replication o distribution) has no incidence in this functionality. So, if I am right, in a distributed cluster, a new cache node joining will load all entries from the underlying store, "blurring" in some degree the frontier between replication and distribution.


      Am I right? Answers are more than welcome.


      Kind regards.



      PS: the references for my thoughts are the following: