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    JBoss AS7.1.1 where is the console.war ?

    Roberto Beeman Newbie



          I am able to access "http://localhost:9990/console" everything is fine. But i wanted to know two things:


      1).  Where have we defined that the console application context-root will be "console" ?  (is there any jboss-web.xml  where <context-root>/console</context-root>) is defined? I dont see any such information inside "$JBOSS_HOME/welcome-content"

             Basically i want to know How to change the context-root of console application to something else like "myconsole"


      2).  What kind of Security this "console" application uses? Does it use "BASIC" or "FORM-BASED"  or How to switch it if i want it to be Basic or Form-based based on my requirement?