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    How to use a custom object as process variable

    Shamal Karunarathne Newbie


      I want to use me.bpm.test.Application as a variable for a process. I'm fully using the web based guvnor designer to design the process.



      package me.bpm.test



      public class Application


                public String firstName;

                public String lastName;

                public Date dateOfBirth;

                public String address;


                public boolean isApproved = false;


                public int getAge()


                          int age;

                          // some code to calculate age using dateOfBirth

                          return age;





      1. How do I add this class to Guvnor and/or JBPM Console so that in the runtime console can use the class.

      2. How do I define the Mapping (assignment, DataInputSet, DataOutputSet) from freeform templates (.flt) to the process level object? Can I use  firstName_out->Application.firstName ?


      Thanks in Advanced.