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    Errai and apache mod_proxy

    nva Newbie

      We're running our Errai-based application in jetty on servers in a DMZ. There is one server with a public IP that runs apache with many virtual hosts. We need to redirect all traffic on one single virtual host to the machine running jetty and our Errai application in the DMZ. We set up apache mod_proxy and it works for 'standard' HTTP request-response traffic, but it blocks push data.


      What I suspect is that mod_proxy doesn't understand the 'long poll' and closes the connection after the first server response. The documentation I found indicates that mod_proxy does support comet and long polls, if the content type is 'chunked'. I have not confirmed this, however.


      Is there anything that needs to be configured or done in/with Errai to make it work behind apache mod_proxy? Thanks!

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          nva Newbie

          Information seems to be scarce about mod_proxy comet/long poll support. One post in another forum suggested setting the transfer-encoding of the servlet response explicitely to 'chunked'. I tried this in the DefaultBlockingServlet (in Errai 2.0.2-SNAPSHOT), but it made no difference. mod_proxy keeps shutting down the connection after the first response.


          Anyone has any other ideas? Thanks!

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            nva Newbie

            Nginx's http proxy works pretty much out-of-the box. Solution: drop apache, use nginx.

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