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    About jBPM5

    Jay Patel Newbie


              I am new bee to jBPM and Drools.

             I have downloaded jBPM5 final version.

      and installed it successfully.


      I have some Questions.!


      1) When I am creating helloWorld.bpmn, it opens in XML format,I am unable to open it in pallet.

      2) I have created custom task as per video shown in  http://vimeo.com/29457538.

           But that task is not visible in Pallet.which configuration is left?

      3) I want to call restlet web service with jBPM is it possible??


      4) I try to run sample program (came with jBPM installer) sample -> evaluation Program. I got error like


          HornetQHTWorkItemHandler cannot be resolved to a type

           The import org.jbpm.process.workitem.wsht cannot be resolved


          I am unable to trace the problem.


      So, can anyone guide me how can I solved above listed Problems??


      If any one have web Application example with jBPM ,Please help me and provide me that example..



      Thanks and Regards,

      Jay Patel