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    Cannot run CLI script - unable to allocate memory

    Eric Eiswerth Newbie

      I am running a CLI script as the result of an alert notificaiton. My script invokes a bash shell script, which runs a Java application that I have custom built to take some precise actions when the alert is fired.


      However, JON is unable to run my script because it cannot allocate enough memory for the JVM.  I get a "java.io.IOException: error=12, Cannot allocate memeory in script..." error. My server is definitely bogged down (just a test environment), but my script is in no way memory intensive.  In fact, I am passing -Xms32m and -Xmx32m to the JVM to ensure I use a minimal amount of memory.


      Could it be that the Rhino engine is taking up too much memory?  Is there a way to tweak the Rhino engine's JVM settings? Obviously a workaround is to add more memory to my VM or shut some services down, but if I can tweak JON, that would be prefered.  Any thoughts?