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    internal, external port question


      I have configured and brought up the server on my windows 7 laptop. 


      When I use port everything works correctly but I cannot see the box from my internal network, ie another laptop.


      When I run netstat -a I see that it is configured and that it is listening on 8080


      Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State

      TCP         MYMACHINE:0      LISTENING



      Not for somereason the address port is now set to zero?


      Any thoughts as to how I can force it to listen externally on the port.  When I tried to change it to MYMACHINE it then




      At this point I cannot connect to it using localhost:8080, or  MYMACHINE:8080


      Any thoughts as to why it is not allowing the external port to be 8080?


      I wonder if it is the network security here?  If so how would one test/validate this.





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          Which version of JBoss AS?


          In general, if you configure the app server to bind to localhost or (which is the default), then you can acces the server only from the same machine as it is running on and only using localhost or as the hostname in the URL.


          If you configure the app server to bind to a specific IP address, then you can access the app server only using that specific IP address, or any hostname that will resolve to that IP address. You cannot use localhost not to access the app server.


          If you configure the app server to bind to, then you can access the app server either via localhost or via any hostname that resolves to any IP address configured for that machine. In other words, it binds to any IP addresses supported by the machine.