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    Web Service

    Mike Caputo Newbie

      Hello all,


      I'm new to JBoss and to Java (a few months).  My background is in .NET / SQL Server, and this stuff is a lot easier there.


      So, what I'm trying to do is create a web service that does the following:


      1) Allow the (mobile) user to upload an image

      2) Store that image in a database

      3) Respond to the user with a success message

      4) Send notifications out to the user's friends


      I've looked all over the place, and there's lots of documentation, but I'm getting a little overwhelmed.  I know I need to create a service with a POST method, and have it reply with an HttpResponse.  I just can't seem to figure out the best way to do that - I keep running into walls of assumed knowledge that I don't have.  I can handle the database part of it, and the notifications can come later.  So I'm really hoping someone can point me to a step-by-step that includes instructions on creating a basic service with a POST method and hopefully some instruction on building the response object.


      Thanks, and I look forward to learning JBoss!



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          Mike Caputo Newbie

          OK, I'll try to be more specific.  I created a Dynamic Web Project and added a Simple Web Service to it.  I then added a WebMethod to accept an image and return an ID.  I think that's right, but I now have no idea how to deploy and test it; I'm not sure whether I have the Dynamic Web Project set up right.  I've tried setting up Maven, but I'm also not very familiar with that, so I'm really just guessing.


          I tried doing Run As --> Run on Server, and I get all sorts of errors.  Googled them, not much help; the real problem is I'm kind of fumbling around.


          Again, all of the documentation I'm finding seems to assume I know a lot about JBoss or EJB or Jersey etc etc.  Would really appreciate any help.