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    Arquillian / Warp / WebDriver: How to treat 404/500 error? (and more)

    Ste Gr Newbie

      Hi everybody,


      I'm currently learning Arquillian + Warp to integrate unit tests in our JSF applications. Everything works quite well but a few annoying problems still exists.


      1) A page that could not be found is not reported as an error. The tests will try to run as sepcified and everything will fail with a lot of exception (NoSuchElement, etc) that do not tell the real cause.

      2) Exception from the server, that cause a 500 internal server error are not reported as an error. It is the same as 1)

      3) Manipulation some request data like basic authentication.

      4) Access to request data like status code or header fields is not possible?


      Do you have any suggestions on how to solve each of these problems? Especially #1 and #2 complicates the implementation of unit tests or make it impossible.


      Best regards