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    JBoss7 Remove Timeout for Stateful Session EJB2

    Oliver Katzer Newbie



      Could anyone help me with following issue?


      I am moving our application from JBoss5 to JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final "Brontes".

      We are using Stateful Session Beans (EJB2).


      It seems that for SFSB of version EJB2 the remove timeout is infinite. I mean the timeout, after the server removes the EJB instance of a crashed client.

      I faced this by killing my EJB client without proper calling the remove() method of the remote interface. On server side ejbRemove() is never called, but should be after the remove timeout has expired.


      JBoss5 had in the standardjboss.xml  following setting:



      How can I set via JBoss7 configuration (or EJB deployment descriptor) the EJB2 remove timeout for Stateful Session Beans?


      Moving to EJB3 and using the StatefulTimeout annotation is not a solution, because I need to be compatible to another server which has no EJB3 support.


      Are there any limitations in the EJB2 support of JBoss 7.1.1?


      Thanks in advance for any information.