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    Is JTA transaction mandatory for infinispan?

    sumit kathuria Newbie

      I had been going through the article https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/ISPN/Implementing+standalone+JPA+JTA+Hibernate+application+outside+J2EE+server+using+Infinispan+2nd+level+cache for using infinispan as 2nd level cache outside J2EE container and got confused with the below statement.


      "IMPORTANT NOTE: From Hibernate 4.0.1 onwards, Infinispan now interacts as a synchronization rather than as an XA resource with the transaction manager when used as second-level cache, so there's no longer need to apply any of the changes suggested below!"


      Does this mean that post hibernate 4.0.1, JTA transaction is not mandatory for using infinispan? If possible, Please also share the configuration for using infinispan cache with Hibernate 4 and above?