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    JBoss Hosting

    Andrea Cappelletti Newbie



      Our company provide Hosting Services under Windows Server environment, we have decided to offer Java hosting solution for apps since many of our business customers would be intrested in this kind of service, we have tested both JBoss and Tomcat and we decided that JBoss is the right solution for our business, now we need to move to the next step and i would kindly ask a few hints from experienced users on how we could integrate JBoss in our current environment, a quick overview of our network:


      - Our hosting cluster is completely automated and managed with WebSitePanel (an open source hosting management system), since we offer Windows Server hosting this was considered the best solution for us.

      - Our goal is to automate the activation and monitoring of our customer services without any manual intervention unless unexpected problems arise.

      - Our whole network is based on ESXi clusters so we have the ability to deploy multiple virtual machines based on our needs.


      Our goals with JBoss:


      - We want to integrate JBoss servers as one of the services we provide to our customers, they should be able to buy the service and beign able to deploy their apps on the assigned machine

      - We want to allow our customers to manage their own "spaces" regarding settings and deployment

      - We want to provide our customer with "fixed" performance limit like heap size based on plans or something


      Our questions:


      - There are "API's" that we can use for "manage" JBoss writing our own plugins on our .net management system? if yes, there is any documentation or examples (even in java it's fine we will re-write it if needed)?

      - There is any third party solution that provide this kind of functionalities like managing users and their own "spaces" with limits etc?

      - Do you think we picked the right solution for our needs or we should go back to the drawing board and chose something else?


      Thanks a lot for anyone who will spend some minutes reading this and maybe answering,


      Best regards