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    mysterious select options not re-rendering RF4.2

    David Wagner Newbie

      I'm using a rich::popupPanel that has an ajax-rendered select list (using h:selectOneListbox). The popup is triggered by a javascript call conditionally depending on what the user types.

      Specifically, the backing bean checks to see if the name already exists in the application and renders a list of existing matches (we do it this way instead of using autocomplete because the name is in two

      fields rather than one).  I have several other views where this works fine.

      The popup is being displayed, but the list is never being re-rendered.


      The mysterious bit is that I can see that the backing bean getter is being called and it's returning the content that I expect to be rendered in the select list.

      And, I can see in firebug that the xml response includes an update to the select list component that has the expected content.

      It just never actually makes it into the display.


      How can it be that the content is being re-rendered as far as JSF is concerned, but seems to get lost in the browser?


      The browser is latest version of firefox (13.0.1).


      Any ideas?


      Many Thanks!

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          David Wagner Newbie

          Haven't solved the problem yet, but I have more data. I get the same behavior in chrome browser, so it doesn't seem like a browser problem.

          The popup is called from inside a togglepanel that implements a wizard. This is a fairly complicated input wizard with four pages of inputs. Most of the inputs have associated input validations.

          I've noticed that if I comment out or otherwise don't render some other parts of the form, then the popup works correctly. I narrowed it down to a set of about eight inputs.

          It also works if I change the togglepanel to client mode, but then the wizard doesn't work.


          However, I still can't see any association between those inputs and popup that should affect the popup.


          The fact that the correct dynamically-rendered content for the popup panel is coming back in the ajax request, but not making it into the page still seems like a bug in the components.