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    Comment, Like and Rate in GateIn UXP

    Stévan Le Meur Newbie

      In UXP, users are mainly co-workers from a company, a project or a particular topic that gather in communities (aka spaces) where they can collaborate on content types such as documents, web contents, wiki, events, tasks, forum topics, answers and more.

      Users can catch activities from their communities by following activity streams, where each collaborative apps create and expose content into a dedicated social work place.


      We all know that social users are interacting with their communities by commenting, liking and rating over relevant content. In UXP, we should provide to users an unified comment and react system that is able to leverage the power of social for any kind of content and collaborative app.


      In this goal, I would like to inform all of you that I pushed two articles to specify what we should do for Comments, Likes and Ratings in GateIn UXP.


      Feel free to read and review them, your comments are welcomed !


      Comment, Like and Rate Component for GateIn UXP


      Comment, Like and Rate Component Integration in GateIn UXP