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    Session Scope (war project without EJB) bean does not replicate but @Stateful (Ear project with EJB)

    Mahadev Sawale Newbie


      I have a seam web application(war project) with one session scoped bean:

      public class CrudActionBean implements Serializable{
           private String msg; //with getter and setter methods
            public String crudAction(){
                 msg= "Content to be displayed on crudAction page after this action"; // this will be displyed in <h:outputText../> on crudAction page.
            return "/crudAction.xhtml";

      web.xml has <distributable/> tag defined.
      components.xml has distributable="true" defined in <core:init.../> tag.
      I am using Seam 2.2, Jboss 5.1 server and JDK 1.6 and Windows XP OS.


      After killing jboss of node1, if I try to reload page or do some action, I get following error message on jboss console of node2:

      And does not replicate session.


      ClassNotFoundException occurred unmarshalling value java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.domain.seamdemo.session.CrudAction


      Detailed stack trace has been attached here with this post.

      But replication works successfully, if I try above by creating Ear project and modifying the bean to SFSB like:


      public class CrudActionBean implements CrudAction,Serializable{ "same code as above"} //CrudAction is @Local interface.


      The value of msg variable were displyed even after realoding page.
      Can someone please help me for the above.
      Let me know if additional information is needed.