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    Arquillian <-> JavaScript integration module status?

    Marco Rietveld Novice



      I've been looking for a way to "integration" test JavaScript with a (Java) REST service. I noticed one or two posts about a JavaScript testing module (Jan -> Apr 2012), but haven't been able to find other information.


      So, question 1: any word on the status of this?



      What I'd like to do is have an (Arquillian) test that does the following:


      1. Starts an (Arquillian) container for my REST service

      2. Calls some JavaScript

           2a. The JavaScript calls one (or more) of my REST service methods.

      3. My REST service beans do their stuff and reply back to the JavaScript.

      4. This is a Unit test, so I measure whatever comes out of the JavaScript [1].

           4a. Or I measure some of the side effects of the REST service.


      [1] Haven't really thought about that yet -- to start with it'd be nice to just get a "happy-flow" test that doesn't throw exceptions.


      It doesn't look like Arquillian supports this at the moment. I've been thinking about using HTMLUnit to run the JavaScript, although I


      So, question 2: It looks like Lukáš Fryč's post here details exactly that: a JavaScript module for Arquillian. Is that correct?