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    REST - Namespace prefix atom on link is not defined

    Frank Grimes Newbie

      Hi All,


      I'm new to HornetQ and have installed it to play around with the REST interface support.

      After setting up, I've noticed that when I access http://localhost:8080/queues/jms.queue.DLQ it returns what appears to be invalid XML:


      <queue><name>jms.queue.DLQ</name><atom:link rel="create" href="http://localhost:8080/queues/jms.queue.DLQ/create"/><atom:link rel="create-with-id" href="http://localhost:8080/queues/jms.queue.DLQ/create/{id}"/><atom:link rel="pull-consumers" href="http://localhost:8080/queues/jms.queue.DLQ/pull-consumers"/><atom:link rel="push-consumers" href="http://localhost:8080/queues/jms.queue.DLQ/push-consumers"/></queue>


      Is this expected?

      Have I possibly misconfigured something?


      FYI, I am using HornetQ 2.2.18.Final and hornetq-rest




      Frank Grimes