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    In-Container vs. As-Client: Differences and Applications

    Zac Harvey Newbie

      I'm trying to wrap my head around Arquilian and am just not fundamentally understanding the difference between in-container mode vs. as-client mode. My understanding is that, with Arquilian/ShrinkWrap:


      • You create an archive that only contains the components you want to integrate and test with
      • You stream this in-memory archive to an actual container (deploying it)
      • You run the archive as a test inside the container
      • You make an assertion about what will happen as a result of that test


      So, from my perspective, everything just "feels" like it would always be in-container, since the tests are always executing inside a container.


      Please help me understand the differences between these two modes and what types of integration tests both modes are suited for. A concrete code example that explains why/how you run the tests in both modes would be enormously appreciated!  Thanks in advance!