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    Arquillian that works on jBoss 7.1 Final CDI Injection Exception does not on Weld

    Joaquim Raurell Newbie


      I amb building a four project structure (domain, ejb, gui and ear) with parent pom file in maven meant for jBoss 7.1 final with 3.1 EJBs that for development pourposes should use H2 db and arquillian 1.1.0 final for EJB testing.

      I created a first test that I have successfully executed against the container.

      When doing the same on Weld I have a CDI injection Exception: com.sun.jdi.InvocationException occurred invoking method whereas in the same code Greeter(from the example) injection works well.


      The difference from this injection is that I am injecting EJBs that are using persistance pojos available in the domain project.


      Here I made the assumption that the whole classpath is not complete, and that's why I am having the error. How can I verify it? Where can I find the stack trace out of the InvocationException?


      After having fixed previous issues, I foud out how to have the same kind of Exception:


      it just takes to declare the bean of the arquillian tutorial as a @Stateless or @Statefull, and in weld returns the InvocationException (I attached the zip)


      Changing the injection to EJB does not help.


      It is something that as a Newbie in Archillean I am missing.