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    Subsystem config is lacking uniformity in 7.1.1

    lagavulin Newbie

      I think JBoss' configuration experience could be improved by putting some uniformity rules or constraints in place. Right now there are a number of elements in the standalone.xml (and in de domain config) that have to do with keystores or truststores.  It is rather frustrating to notice that each of these elements has a different set of attributes, or even differs in the ability to resolve "environment" variables, e.g. {jboss.server.config.dir}


      Consider the different elements that are somehow related to keystores....  There is the <ssl> child of <server-identities> which is completely different from the <ssl> child of the web subsystem in both syntax as well as in its ability to resolve variables...in the <server-identities><ssl> child you can use predefined paths with "relative-to", however using ${jboss.server.config.dir} in the web subsystem just doesn't resolve at all.


      I think the configuration would be less painless if the <ssl> element were to have the same syntax regardless of where it was used. Also, specifying keystores and truststores could also be dealt with in a uniform way (right now you need to use <keystore> and <truststore> in <server-identities> for ssl config + in the <jsse> element as attribute values for enabling client-cert authentication via a security domain + in the <ssl> element of the https connector, also as attribute values....


      I suspect that these differences are inherent to the open-source paradigm were multiple developers submit sections of code, each using its own style. Is there such a thing as a core JBoss team that regularly consolidates differences like this ?