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    <rich:select> - which ajax event to listen on for a value change?

    ze_art Newbie

      I'm trying to implement a rich:select box which automatically performs an ajax call if its value if the selection changes.


      <rich:select id="rowsPerPage" value="#{listCtrl.rowsPerPage}">

         <f:selectItems value="#{listCtrl.rowsPerPageSelection}" var="item" itemValue="#{item.key}" itemLabel="#{item.value}" />

         <f:ajax event="change" execute="@this" render="@form" />



      However, the change event does not fire after i select a new value from the list, it only fires after i click somewhere else on the page, so presumably after the select-box loses focus.

      I tried to force the box to lose focus by adding onlisthide="this.blur()" but that does not seem to do anything either.


      All the other events i found that would be suitable (listhide, selectitem) will fire even if the user repeatedly selects the value that has already been selected.


      Which event should i listen on to get notified on a value change?