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    A few ideas for tooling

    Tomohisa igarashi Master

      I have been playing around with SwitchYard editor and a few ideas came to my mind. Could you let me know what do you think about it? I will file JIRAs if you like.


      • Generate corresponding component service from composite service
        • Can we generate component service from left right click menu of the composite service? In addition, when we do this on WSDL composite service, if the method is automagically added to the component service interface according as WSDL operation, that would be awesome.


      • Change interface type
        • For example, created component service with ESB interface first, but right after that I felt like changing it to the Java interface in order to promote it as Web Service. Yet another idea here is, when we try to Promote Component Service on which have ESB interface, then automagically convert it into Java interface.





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          Rob Cernich Master

          Hey Tomo,


          That all sounds good to me.  I think one of the things holding us back right now is the ability to convert between interface types.  At the moment, we only have functionality for Java2WSDL (no WSDL2Java, ESB to/from WSDL or Java), but once we get the other converters in place, it seems natural to let the user choose to convert the interface type when either promoting a service or generating a component from a composite service.


          As for changing interface types, that should be possible at some point, but right now, things are in a bit of flux.  We changed the controls used in the component and service creation wizards to allow the user to select the interface and interface type, but have not yet gotten around to updating the property sheets.  In addition to this, there's a bit more work to be done to identify the interface types supported by a particular component (e.g. a bean component couldn't implement a wsdl or esb interface).