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    Rerender image table data outside of a4j:repeat coverflow

    Randy Emerson Newbie



      Currently, I'm working on a coverflow using the ContentFlow Javascript application (http://www.jacksasylum.eu/ContentFlow/). I am successfully pulling images and metadata from the database and displaying the images within the coverflow using my screenshots list. So, everything within the "ContentFlow" tag is working correctly. Now, I would like to dynamically show my image metadata on-the-fly for each active image which is in focus as you scroll through the images similar to how the title is diplayed, but I would like this at the bottom of the page since there is quite a bit of metadata. Currently, I have been trying to use a4j:ajax to rerender my image table metadata outside and just below my a4j:repeat tag, but I have been getting the error: a4j:ajax event onchange non-ClientBehaviorHolder parent. I've modified my code a bit and am getting nothing outside of my "ContentFlow" tag at this point. Here is my xhtml code:



      The ContentFlow documentation says that there is a public Javascript method to get the active image via getActiveItem() (see http://www.jacksasylum.eu/ContentFlow/docu.php). At this point I'm not sure if I need to create a Listener on the Java side, use a different a4j component, or if getting the active image and using javascript will be best for this scenario. I'm new to Richfaces and quite rusty at Javascript so any suggestions is appreciated!