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    Warp + Jacoco = NullPointerException

    cmcmillen1 Newbie

      It seems there is a problem with running Warp tests if arquillian-jacoco is on the classpath.


      When WarpFilter fires the AfterSuite event, the writeCoverageData observer in arquillian-jacoco is executing which ultimately leads to a NPE coming from servlet protocol.  The full stacktrace is attached.


      You can reproduce by simply adding the following dependencies to the pom for warp in arquillian-showcase and then running the BasicJSFUnitTestCase.

















      Removing these dependencies isn't really an option because I have other arquillian tests not using Warp that I want code coverage on.  I tried using alternative annotated with @Specializes thinking I could basically disable the observer in arquillian-jacoco simply by including a different beans.xml in the deployment of my Warp tests.  This however fails with "WELD-000047 Specializing bean must extend another bean" which I'm thinking is due to https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WELD-1113.


      Any ideas for getting this to work?