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    CMP2 table name generation

    Stephen Coy Novice


      In lines 261-3 of JDBCEntityMetaData.java, we have the lines:

      // we replace the . by _ because some dbs die on it...
      // the table name may be overridden in importXml(jbosscmp-jdbc.xml)
      tableName = entityName.replace('.', '_');

      As far as I can work out from the source, the entityName is the ejb-name, which typically contains '/' rather than '.' characters.

      I think this is right because the JBoss JNDI implementation uses '/' for path separators and the ejb-name is a JNDI name.

      Changing the code above fixed one problem I had, but I'm still tracking down a similar issue with composite table names.

      You only get this btw, if you run without a jbosscmp-jdbc.xml file.