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    [Drone 1.1.0.CR1] Capability support not working

    Ste Gr Newbie



      I upgraded to Drone 1.1.0.CR1 and the news mentions new ways for configuration:

      1. Select browser by capability => Not working for IE (JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ARQ-1021)
      2. Webdriver configuration through capabilityWebdriver*: It doesn't seem to work for firefox (other browsers not tested). It simply ignores the properties in the arquillian.xml. When I use the old way via system propertries, everything works as excpected.


      <extension qualifier="webdriver">

            <property name="browserCapabilities">firefox</property>

            <property name="capabilityWebdriverFirefoxBin">C:\Firefox\firefox.exe</property>

            <property name="capabilityWebdriverFirefoxProfile">selenium</property>



      Any tips what I'm doing wrong?