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    Project Migration from 3.3.2 to 4.2.2

    Sanjeev Shrestha Novice



          I have a large project and am trying to migrate it from Richfaces 3.3.2 to Richfaces 4. But there are just so many components either missing or renamed. And during this project at the very core level it use UIData from the JSF components. But in Richfaces 4 this seems to be changed some people suggest use UIDataTable and UIDataModel. The Richfaces 3 example containg Treeadaptor is aslo used but this obviously has been changed in Richfaces 4. What should I do? The Migration guide doesn't seem to be enough (though I'm very thankful for it). I tried the rich:spacer implementation. Could I get something similar for other components as well. And lots of attributes seem to be changed within the component and what should I do for this. Should I just refactor the whole project or any other ideas. If any please do share. I want to work with the new library but without this information I really seem to be lost. Also how can I work with richfaces from javascript. Also I tried to run the component control but it should "Parent not an instance of ClientBehaviorHolder " . This was used in the example of Richfaces 3 example. How can I stop getting this error ?


           And I had to comment out a considerable portion of the code because of IIegalArgumentException. Hopefully I can get a good answer or at least some suggestions.


      Thank you for your help.