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    Template for jboss 3 XA connection factory loader config

    David Jencks Master

      I have been trying to get someone to try out an xa datasource with jboss 3 and provide a working configuration. I don't have an XADataSource implementation to work with, so I can't test it. (XADataSourceImpl does not implement enough xa semantics to work in the jca environment, and the driver I wrote for Firebird supports XA semantics directly through jca interfaces with no need for an XADataSource implementation).


      So, here is a template for using an XADataSource in jboss 3b2. Note that the jca-xa wrapper is just about completely untested, so you should expect plenty of problems. (I tested it enough to find out that XADataSourceImpl can't work, several months ago).

      This deploys OK in its current state on my jboss 3 cvs, since the XADataSource is instantiated lazily.

      Note that you need to consult your XADataSource documentation to find out what properties to set on it, and note furthermore that the way you set them is slightly odd, kind of a nested properties file format:


      If you work on this please let me know how it works and what problems you find.