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    jboss as7 clustering - need help with setting up maven and finding documentation

    Radai Rosenblatt Newbie



      I'm trying to set up a new demo project to do some jboss clustering PoC based on the latest and greatest (as 7.1.1 right now).

      I basically need 3 things (that i know of) in my build - a dependency on the j2ee6 spec, a dependency on the jboss ejb3 ext api, and some dependency to allow me to write jboss services - because they seem to be the only way to do clustered singletons? (see https://community.jboss.org/message/646537)


      for the j2ee specs, i already know i can do this in my parent pom:




            <!-- the java ee 6.0 specifications -->











      this will allow me to add dependencies on various j2ee6 specs with the exact versions taken from the above pom.


      is there a similar aggregation for jboss extensions?

      for the ejb-ext-api, for example, i know i can do this:








      but thats just a single jar, and i have no idea what the proper dependency is for the service API (s ?).


      also, how do i keep these consistent with each other and with the particular jboss version i plan to deploy on?

      for example, jboss-javaee-6.0:3.0.1 is under jboss-parent:9 while jboss-ejb3-ext-api:2.0.0 is under jboss-parent:7 - which might cause issues?

      how do i tie the spec versions im building against to the spec versions supported by the jboss version im to deploy on?


      and a last question - where do i go to to learn how to write jboss services?


      thanks in advance for any pointers.