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    questions about seam-gen.reveng.xml

    Tong Li Newbie

      I am following the tutorial in Book "seam in action".

      The seam-gen.reveng.xml doesn't work for me, there is nothing changed whether I edit the file or not. The results are the same.

      That't what in the file. And when I run seam generate, it is successful, but without anything changed according to this table.

      What the problem might be? (I tried both command line and Jboss tool)


                <table name="HOLE">
                          <column name="M_PAR" property="mensPar"/>
                          <column name="L_PAR" property="ladiesPar"/>
                          <column name="M_HANDICAP" property="mensHandicap"/>
                          <column name="L_HANDICAP" property="ladiesHandicap"/>


      I did some google about this, and there is a very old thread talking about this, but it does not help me.


      Thanks in advance.