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    making BPMN editor read work definitions from 2 different projects

    saurabh jain Newbie



      I am usgin BPMN plugin for eclipse that comes as part of JBOSS tools suite.


      I have a scenario where we have domain specific workitem definitions(.wid's) located in two different  projects.


      To make it clear consider that I have two projects jbpm_main and jbpm_second in an eclipse workspace.


      I have the work definitions(.wid files) for some domain specific processes at the location jbpm_main/resources/META-INF and others at jbpm_second/resources/META-INF.

      I have added resources directory to respective project classpaths. Both the projects have drools.rulebase.conf file in the META-INF directory which registers the work definitions present in the respective META-INF directory.

      Whenever I open a .bpmn file located any of the project in the BPMN editor it shows only the work definitions present in the resources/META-INF directory in that project in the Service tasks section of palette.

      What I want to do is to make sure that the BPMN editor read the work definitions from all the projects in the workspace and shows them in the service tasks section of the palette, whenever a .bpmn file from any project is opened with the BPMN editor.


      Has anyone dealt with similar kind of scenario or anyone knows how to deal with this situation.