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    Infinispan Cache Updates + State Transfer Not Happening !

    Balaji Ramalingam Newbie



      Let me brief the scenario with an example.


      Class ValueBean{

      private Object valueObject;






      class GlobalSession {


      private String attr1;

      private String attr2;

      private String attr3;


      GlobalSession(String attr1)


      this.attr1 = attr1l






      GlobalSession gs = new GlobalSession("attr1")

      ValueBean bean = new ValueBean(gs);


      I have added an object ValueBean to cache using put operation using a key - globalsessionk1 --> During the put, I have configured an Externalizer, which serializes the object to other nodes in the cluster. I have setup a cluster of 3 machines.


      After the object is added to cache, I changed the GlobalSession object as follows :

      gs.setAttr2("attr2"); --> Changing the state of object that is already in cache !


      Now, I retrieved the object from cache using get operation for key globalsessionk1 and found that object's state was updated. However,  I see that stateTransfer did not happen for this change is state of object. So, this updated state of object was available only in the node, where it got updated and NOT available to other 2 nodes in the cluster.



      Please let me know If I am missing something !






      Added infinispan configuration file.