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    Rich Faces 4.0 Performance Benchmark

    vinod santhanam Newbie



      We are using Rich faces in our project, overall it is great, when we did performance testing, we noticed that Rich faces has lot of JS/CSS/Image files as part ot the library,. This is causing some performance overhead, when the user logs in. Based on Rich faces JSF project, what are the ways we can make this more efficient. Also we are taking 10s for a JSF home screen to be launched, but the application expectation is 5s login. Typically what is the loading time for Rich faces application with usual controls like Date picker and Ajax to come up? Thank you

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          iabughosh Master

          Hello Vinod,

          try adding these two parameters to your web.xml and do your test again:











          kindly inform me about the results,


          note: resourceOptimization works with RichFaces 4.2.x