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    How to integrated JDataStore on jboss 3.0

    java.tai Newbie

      Dear All :
      I have a question .. that I want to setup jboss with JDataStore for Demo pack ..!!
      I know the first step I must write jaws for jdatastore data type .
      But the next step ..I really don't know how to do that !!
      Because the documentation of the web site is too simple to us .. I really can't get it ...!!
      If you have this same solution , can you tell me how to do that ??

      Best Regards

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          Dain Sundstrom Master

          I would start with copy the hypersonic type-mapping secion in the standardjaws.xml. Rename it JDataStore.

          Next you need to setup a pool for JDataSore connections. See chapter 3 of the online docs.

          Start your database, and start JBoss.

          If you want to embed the server, I would start by looking at the hypersonic wrapper code (basically you create an MBean that contains the JDataSource and exposes manangement properties/methods).