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    Outofmemory exception when using jbpm api

    Shobhit Tyagi Master




      Whenever I use Configuration object to create process engine, it takes up a huge amount of memory and is not getting dereferenced for garbage collection on exit. I am using custom configuration. The code is below. Please some one get me out of this pickle. It is really urgent and any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


      public static Configuration getConfiguration()


           org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration configuration = new org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration();

        Configuration configuration2 = new Configuration();




         String encrpytedPassword= configuration.getProperty("hibernate.connection.password");

         String decryptedPwd = Encrypt.decrypt(encrpytedPassword);



         encrpytedPassword = null; decryptedPwd = null;

        } catch(Exception e)


         CustomErrorHandler.handleException(e, "CustomConfig");


        configuration = null;

        return configuration2;