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    MessageContext lost data while passing a handler (outgoing)

    web.leo Newbie

      Hej hej,


      I´m using JBoss in Version 5.1.1 (build: SVNTag=JBPAPP_5_1_1 date=201105171607) and the JBossWS Native Stack in Version 3.1.2 GA.


      I´ve implemented a WebService with two handlers. On of these handler (first one for incoming and last one for outgoing messages) put an hibernate entity to the message context. During processing of the WebService logic this entity will be completed with some data and should be stored to database at the end (which means in the last handler the message passes).


      When I send some more or less parallel requests to the service it sometime happens that some of the data in the hibernate entity get lost which was set in the WS logic part. The data which was set shortly before storing the data is still there - also the data which was set from handlers when the message came in.


      I tried to find a solution but i didn´t find some page where this problem was correctly described... Does someone know how to solve this issue?