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    Maven integration for Java Stack Trace Console.

    Doug Grove Newbie

      In vanilla Eclipse, I can install the Maven tools integration  package and get source code resolution in the Java Stack Trace Console.  This allows me to paste a stack trace into the console, select a frame,  and have Maven resolve and download the source code for me.


      How is this configured in JBDS?






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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          Not specific to java stack traces though - its simply about the console looking up the class and finding the jar in your classpath of a project and if that project have sources associated with it the source is shown.


          Thus it should be the same as in Eclipse afaik, go and enable "download source and javadocs" under Maven preferences.


          If that does not work and you believe m2e does it even for classes not in your classpath with sources then please let me know how to reproduce so I can check why/how.