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    retrieving 100 rows plus thru Stateful session beans

    saurabh kedia Newbie

      hey all,
      Iam using a stateful session bean where I am retrieving 100 rows plus .I am stroring the result set in a vector as Vectors...i.e my method returs returns a Vector of Vectors.
      When I am retrieving the result in my JSP and diplaying the result in a table..my page is hanging and not displaying properly..
      can u advise...
      my code for jsp and session bean method is enclosed herewith:::

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          dennie Newbie

          I believe this is not the way to retrieve data from your database. When using JBoss, and therefore EJB's, you should consider the use of entity beans. May be I’m saying something very useless here, and you already know the inside-outs of EJB’s. May be not… Anyway, for there is error given (not at the server-side?), there is now good answer to your question. Although Vector implements Serializable it’s seems to me like a serialize problem, which can be solved by the use of extra classes implementing RMI. But entity beans should really do the job,
          Success, Dencel.